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Posted by on Oct 11, 2016 in Blog |

A Look at Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prefabs

From early modular construction to a portfolio of homes based in the Midwest, we take a look at the prefab residences designed by America’s most famous architect. If you were plotting a Frank Lloyd Wright tour of American architecture, the 2700 block of West Burnham Street in Milwaukee might not make your itinerary. But on this quiet street, you can find evidence of the architect’s career-long obsession with creating affordable, sometimes prefabricated, housing for the masses. The only grouping of Frank Lloyd Wright’s early American System-Built Homes—built by Arthur Richards and designed with standardized components for mass appeal to moderate-income families—is situated in the Burnham Park neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The four model 7A duplexes, one model B1 bungalow (shown here), and model C3 bungalow were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1985. [Photo via] Crafted between 1915 and 1917 with precut factory lumber to save cash and labor, a half-dozen duplexes and bungalows on this block—the American System-Built Homes, as they have come to...

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Posted by on Oct 10, 2016 in Blog |

Trending-Modern Prefab Office Space built using Modular Construction

Takes advantage of a controlled production environment, the latest manufacturing technologies, and the design flexibility of modular construction to produce high-quality prefabricated buildings for any demand. The prefab office building process starts with the assembly of steel and concrete. Redundant quality controls manufacturing accuracy, before every prefab office building leaves the factory. Prefab construction takes multi-tasking to a whole new level. Our construction foreman professionals are at your site, preparing the foundation to receive the prefab modules. Land site is graded, cement foundation is poured as needed to support the prefab office building. With all containers shipped to the site, the foundation ready, the prefab building is set into place, connected to the foundation for a solid and durable completed building. Utilities are connected and selected exterior finishes are added. Resulting environmentally-friendly, with the all the same expect from conventional buildings. Short time to occupancy, your venture can commence and start generating revenue sooner, plus accelerate your returns on your investment. Contact USModular, Inc. to learn more about prefab...

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Posted by on Oct 7, 2016 in Blog |

Modular vs. Site Built Homes

Across the world, the timely construction of properties benefit both the constructor and homeowner. From the owner’s point of view, early possession of a home or apartment, allows them the opportunity to earn rental income sooner, and save on the interest on the loan borrowed from the bank. Also, upon completion of the project the builder can reinvest the capital into new projects and earn further income. The traditional site-built construction is giving way to prefab structures and materials. Prefab technologies can be used to build homes quickly and cost-effectively, especially as traditional construction costs continue to rise. As the cost of borrowing is steep in developing countries and land developers are facing a liquidity crunch, time is equal to money. Prefab construction method is quicker and adds to the revenue stream of the developer. In prefab technology, the project can be designed using architecture software. Parts such as steel frames, wall, ceiling panels are custom-made. The components are then brought to the construction site , the structure is assembled on-site., together with kitchen and...

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Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Blog |

Women Can Now Escape to a Backyard “She Shed”

Men have their caves, and now women have their sheds. “She Sheds” are a new trend sweeping the nation that allow women to escape to their own personal private retreats, without leaving home. Nestled behind Tamara Harbert’s Houston home is her great escape into a little backyard bliss. It’s being away, without being away, which I love,” said Harbert. A She Shed is much different from a man cave, but the quaint 144 square foot bungalow serves a similar purpose. “I read in there, I do paint in there, now I’m doing some collages – I love color,” Harbert said. “I love eclectic things. I love antiques,” Harbert said. Her She Shed is decked out with her own style and equipped with an air conditioner and ceiling fan, so she is able to “shed her stress” year round. She uses the space for arts and crafts, or getting design ideas for her next project. “I can sit and read in my house. But I’m also looking around thinking to...

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Posted by on Sep 22, 2016 in Blog |

Modular Apartment Project Largest in Southern California

Valencia Grove, a modular apartment community at the corner of Orange Street and Lugonia Avenue in Redlands, CA was built more than 70 years ago. The entire community is currently undergoing a major revitalization. For this multifamily project, the Housing Authority of the County of San Bernardino (HACSB) is partnering with its affiliate non-profit developer, Housing Partners, Inc. (HPI), in an effort to move away from the traditional public housing model towards a multifamily mixed-income housing community. The site plan for the revitalization of Valencia Grove in North Redlands includes three parks/playgrounds and a multi-use community center. Construction and financing costs are lower, the project permitting and construction was faster, so the project will have earlier occupancy due to the use of innovative Modular Construction! The project includes the following partners: HPI, Chase Bank, PNC Bank, US Modular Inc., City of Redlands, Redlands Unified School District, and the County of San Bernardino. These partners are working to revitalize this North Redlands neighborhood to create a vibrant multifamily mixed income...

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Posted by on Sep 12, 2016 in Blog |

Award Winning Modular Projects in California

Projects in California built using modular construction recently won Modular Building Institute’s 2015 Awards of Distinction. The award criteria was evaluated in Architectural Excellence, Technical Innovation & Sustainability and Cost Effectiveness. Best of Show Green Building went to the Live Oak School District in Santa Cruz, CA. Project size: 5895 sf Days to complete: 217 Permanent Healthcare-First Place went to Veterans Affairs Psychiatric Hospital in Los Angeles, CA Project Size: 25520 sf Day to complete: 426 Permanent Institutional or Assembly went to Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, CA Project Size: 8351 sf Days to complete: 102 Permanent Special Project went to Mojave Solar Project in Hinkley, CA Project Size: 17932 Days to complete: 245 Relocatable Retail or Hospitality –First Place went to University of California Irvine Project Size: 16312 sf Days to complete: 88 Best of Show Permanent went to Domain Apartments in San Jose, CA Project Size: 481569 sf Days to complete: 609 Congratulations to the winners!  Contact USModular, Inc. to build your next project using modular...

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