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Posted by on Nov 8, 2016 in Blog |

Prefab Pods Can Add a Granny Flat Just About Anywhere

Prefab Pods Can Add a Granny Flat Just About Anywhere

British company Pod Space’s prefab pop-up pods add garden offices and studio escapes just about anywhere you can imagine. The sustainable modular pods are completely customizable, allowing clients to create an eco-space for an extra room, a quiet respite in the yard, or even a full service home. With options like energy saving glass, low energy heating and renewable energies like solar roofs, each Pod Space has the potential to be a personal, sustainable oasis.

Streamlined and with a small footprint, Pod Space’s modular structures were designed to meet planning policy, meaning in most cases do not require a building permit when installing. With most of the construction occurring off-site, the pods are installed quickly and easily, and can be relocated easily as well.

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Each pod is fitted with floor to ceiling Scandinavian windows and doors, which are highly insulated and meant to connect the inside to the landscape outside. The windows also flood the pods with light, in the case that the client doesn’t want to electrify their escape space. Both the inside and out are clad with sustainably sourced timber, as well as energy efficient fixtures and detailing. Pod Space has also developed its own solar shading, in the form of gorgeous Cedar louvers that protect through all weather.

The additional green features are endless, Pod Space even offers a green roof system of sedum herbs and grasses to further insulate, act as a waterproofing technique, and of course look lush and wonderful. In varying sizes and customizable features, Pod Space can create a personal, versatile getaway space to suit all needs.

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